anatomy appreciation


I don’t get how people make fun of stretch marks????


have you seen stretch marks?


They are cool as shit.

some look like lightning


Some look like the ocean


Some are red


Some are white.


all of them are really beautiful. They’re really fucking cool. I mean, you’ve changed, and these are reminders of your life. 

Fuck everyone who makes fun of your perfect body. 


Hagen Racie showing that the attitude and beauty go hand in hand.

The series was made to attack the alleged rules as we believe that our bodies should look. Most can see that the media only show the most beautiful pictures of people, yet we comparing ourselves with those images. We never see these photographs juxtaposed with some other less flattering. That contrast would help us with the image problems that we as a culture. 

The image in the media is an illusion built on light, angles and photoshop. People can look extremely attractive under the right circumstances and two seconds later transformed into something completely different. Within the series the photographer Gracie Hagen tries to get a range of personal, ethnic and sexual types with varying shapes and sizes to show that there is no “normal”. Each photo was taken with the same light and the same angle.